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Some Really Famous Landmarks around the Planet

There are some places in the world that you should visit at least once because of the fact that they hold so much historical significance that they are branded the wonders of the world. Well, in this list I will talk about very significant landmarks as well as a few wonders of the world. These are places that you should visit no matter what. You will realize that you love travelling because of the fact that you get to see such worldly treasures. These landmarks and monuments as well have attracted all kinds of people from around the world. These famous attractions would indeed be really great to visit with friends and family as well.


Here is the list of some place that you should visit no matter what.

  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris has proven to be one of the most iconic monuments till date because it is a symbol of love around the planet. Paris is known as the city of love, and it is indeed beautiful. The whole place will give you all the feelings of love, and it will instil an insane sense of hope and affection in you. You will also enjoy the view from up there. In the night, The Eiffel Tower looks like a piece of jewelry which shines. The tower has also been visited by almost half a billion people since its opening, and the number keeps increasing every year.

Eiffel Tower

  • The Great Wall Of China is one of the most majestic monuments that can actually been seen from space. Yes, that is true. You can see it from space, and it is also quite noticeable. It is also a monument that stretches over a large area. The wall was completed in 1644, and it actually took 2000 years to build. China also has more than 10 million visitors every year, and it has been getting more and more popular every year.
  • The Leaning Tower Of Pisa in Italy is really iconic as it is one of the only structures in the world, which is slanted. It is also one of Italy’s major tourist attractions. It was actually built in the year 1399. The original height was actually 60 meters.


  • The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is actually the tallest building in the world. The view from up there has indeed proven to be one of the best views that you can get from a building. Dubai is also a really beautiful city even though it is not green; there are a lot of buildings that indeed make it really beautiful. The concrete jungle is actually really beautiful.
  • The Statue Of Liberty in New York.
  • The Big Ben in London.
  • The London Eye in London.
  • The Sydney Opera house in Sydney.

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