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School Board agreed to let Supervisor Snovitch and Township Engineers

Supervisor Snovitch just received an email from Jeffrey Dimmig(School Board Chair) and Leah Christman(School Superintendent) approving Snovitch to review the Engineering information concerning our Elementary School. This is great news. Hopefully, when this review is done the School board will have the correct information to make an informed decision which leads to keeping our Elementary open. Look for additional updates

Southern Lehigh School Board discussing possibly closing Lower Milford Elementary

Supervisor Mike Snovitch attended the Oct 24th School Board hearing and presented to the school board that there is superb police and emergency services to the Lower Milford School—in fact, priority treatment. We even have police sitting in the parking lot when doors are open in the morning. Therefore, this is no reason to consider shutting down the School. Next, he discussed the estimates and their apparent inaccuracy.

1. Replacing a sewage plant way ahead of its expected life which is 1/3 of the estimated cost to update Lower Milford over the next 10 years. Reduce costs from 2.6 million to 1.8 million dollars

2. Cost for new construction at Lower Milford that is three times any of the estimates for new construction at Hopewell. Using a more reasonable assumption would lower the cost from approximately 10 million to 5 million dollars.

3. Population projections using Macro assumptions don’t work for such small increases in population.

4. Lower Milford would have the lowest cost per student versus the highest if the empty classrooms were once again used.

5. Transportation Study that is seriously flawed since it states that removing Lower Milford from the School system would lower ride times. This is mathematically impossible since it is within the geographic area served. The average ride time must increase, if you shut down Lower Milford, unless they are not running the system efficiently today.

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